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“Does our reaction to whatever life throws at us have any bearing ultimately on our health?”

The answer to the question posed in the title is a resounding YES!

The following are excerpts from our upcoming course “From Head To Toe” the purpose of which is twofold. For those already working in the natural therapies field the course provides, firstly and most importantly, a review of how the human body really works and why its electrical system is vital to achieving good health.

There is information about the vital hormones and peptides required by the body, the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body, the Five Elements and major Meridians, and the Seven Chakras and a re-cap of Anatomy & Physiology as traditionally taught. Underlying all this information is the knowledge that when we look for energy disruption, even where hormone balance is concerned for example, there is a very simple solution.

You might not believe this, but thankfully your subconscious mind stores every bit of information from your conception to death. And what a blessing that is because with a little understanding of how the human body and the electrical impulses which maintain it work, we can quite easily resolve or improve even the most serious health issues. This goes too for issues such as poor self esteem or an inability to reach realistic goals.

A common theme it seems at the moment in the natural therapies field is the admonition “It’s not your fault” for just about any problem from not having enough money to fixing weight issues, poor self esteem, an inability to reach goals or a state of general wellbeing etc.

Certainly, it is not our fault but the irony is the fixing of all the above are easily within our own purview. And this is because, over time, we have either misunderstood or ignored the subtle messages our bodies have been trying to impart.

It is so much easier to hand one’s self over to a “professional” but that professional does not have your thoughts, feelings, emotions, life experiences or way of thinking and these are vital to understanding and fixing, once and for all, any issues you may have.

The key words there were thoughts, feelings, emotions and life experiences – unique to you alone. When I asked people to proof read the upcoming course and the “Roadmap” (where all the questions one might have are answered) itself there were many revelations and the beginning of an understanding of their own life experiences.

Most importantly, once the course is completed participants are provided with what I have called the “Roadmap to Health” because within its pages there are well over 300 known illnesses listed with the thoughts, feelings or emotions connected to provide the user with a clear way to improve health issues. The compilation of this publication has taken many years to accumulate, using my learning from kinesiology, Meta Medicine and many other courses and I have found it breathtakingly accurate when used as directed.

We provide over 80 balances for specific health issues and in-depth Chakra balances, importantly, once an understanding of the importance of the electrical system (in its simplest form) is understood, the “Roadmap To Health” publication can become an invaluable life-long tool. This is because every single health issue, ache, pain, and chronic disease is covered giving you the means to provide a healthy, drug free resolution.

My dream though is to have the general public able to quickly identify thoughts, feelings, emotions and life experiences which will, eventually, be detrimental to their health. Not advocating a total self help process, but sometimes aiding recovery whilst receiving traditional treatment, the part of the health puzzle that no-one else can identify. And with the discovery of ways of working with the body such as EFT or Acupressure Tapping there is a very easy way to keep one’s self healthy and happy. Let’s face it, if we can achieve those two things, everything else will follow. For those of us who would like to reach retirement in a healthy state and able to enjoy the next chapter of our lives this course is the ideal companion.

For the uninitiated in looking at the why and the ultimate fixing of health and wellbeing issues, the “Roadmap” looks at each body part separately and provides an easy way to be able to identify the reason that a problem currently exists.

For example an otherwise healthy individual may suffer shoulder or neck pain, experience skin problems such as eczema, stomach upsets – indigestion or reflux for instance, all of which have a beginning in a thought, feeling, emotion or life experience and can therefore be corrected. As with every health and wellbeing issue there has been some minor shock or trauma which either didn’t seem to merit much attention at the time or there was too much else going on for us to notice this disruption to our energy.

Then there are the major shocks or traumas where we can identify immediately (although not necessarily what might seem blindingly obvious causes) the approximate time of the damage to the energy system. P.T.S.D. would come under this category whether caused by one severe trauma or incident or an accumulation of stresses. All that is required is an ability to identify disrupted energy, by using the information the subconscious has stored, and with the simple technique of acupressure tapping that constant cycling of anxiety where it seems we are unable to stop the re-playing of an incident can be banished for ever.

How good would it be to be able to stop that issue in its tracks for ever?

You don’t have to be a health professional or a scientist to understand what is a very sophisticated, wonderful, yet for our purposes simple piece of engineering – the human body. In fact we currently insist on making health far too complicated, looking for interventions which really wouldn’t be required if we just paid a little attention to the messages our bodies are giving us in the form first of all of a thought or feeling which isn’t quite the norm for us personally. If that goes unchecked then the aches, pains and niggles which tell us where the damaged energy lies become self evident. Instead of reaching for the usual bag of tricks to ease how we are feeling wouldn’t it be more beneficial to stop these aches, pains or niggles in their tracks, naturally as our bodies were designed to do?

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EFT, Tapping and Energy, Muscle Testing



This book looks at what PTSD really signifies & how we can identify and reduce it simply, effectively, & permanently.

This booklet is aimed particularly at sufferers of P.T.S.D. because there is hope that you can fully recover from the extreme stress /stresses that you have experienced, for some of you over many years.

P.T.S.D. _Trish Lewis_Stress in all its Guises

stress in all its guises