Immunise Yourself Against Stress?

We know how effective immunisation has been over the years, but ever thought of immunising yourself against stress?

We are particularly concerned about the amount of stress the human race is currently experiencing, and worse still, is passing on to the next generation.

When this happens, when one is born into a stressful situation and stress is the “norm” then it is difficult for anyone to realise they too are stressed – that’s just a normal feeling, right?

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Unfortunately we have seen this time and time again, children suffering from stress and that stress will just keep on piling up. There is very little in the way of a coping mechanism for managing stress and that ultimately can lead to disaster. Medication would seem to be the answer, but of course long term it isn’t. Every medication has some form of side effect or contra-indication.

So wouldn’t it be better to learn, firstly the signs of stress, and then deal with them safely, without the use of medication?

There are lots of good techniques available today, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, but the simplest of all is one everyone can accomplish with a little help initially to get the best outcome. It can take as little as 5 minutes a day, can be accomplished anywhere, any time and it is free – no ongoing costs at all!

What if we told you that there is a relatively simple, painless, and inexpensive way of reducing stress in your life?

And if we added that we know that stress is the precursor of all illness – are you prepared to take some control for yourself, your health and that of your loved ones and reduce, and ultimately eliminate stress from your life?

 The Cognitive Signs of Stress are:


Negative thoughts

Negative attitude

Constant worry

Difficulty concentrating


Difficulty with logical sequence


Can’t solve a problem


The Emotional Signs of Stress are:


Loss of sense of humour




Feeling overworked





The Behavioural Signs Of Stress are:

Decreased contact with family

Decreased contact with friends

Poor work relationships

Sense of loneliness

Decreased sex drive

Avoiding others


Others avoid you

Don’t relax

Lack of hobbies/interests


Some Of The Common Myths Around Stress

Everybody is the same – stressed!

Stress is bad for you

Stress is inevitable

Stress is everywhere so you can’t do anything about it

No symptoms = no stress

Only major symptoms of stress require treatment*

*This is the biggest myth of all!


These are just a few of the manifestations of a build up of stress

Indigestion / Heart burn




Muscle problems

Migraine / Headaches





Allergic reactions

Coughs & colds



In fact every single health issue has its basis in stress.


Keep tuned, we will give you more information about this simple answer to managing stress.

If you would like to download this free guide click here – can-you-immunise-yourself-against-stress-booklet