How Much Dirt Does Your Body Actually Need?

The following blogs are not intended to “bad mouth” any product but to hopefully make people think twice before self medicating. What all diseases and ill-health have in common is STRESS.


How Much Dirt Does Your Body Actually Need?

Even Western medicine now acknowledges that we have in our system around 1½ kg of a combination of bacteria, virus and fungi, and in Meta Medicine this is considered nearer to the 3 kg mark.

It doesn’t matter which estimate is correct, but we do need to understand what is going on 24/7 in a healthy body.

When some kind of threat is detected, for arguments sake we will call it a trauma although it can be something far less significant, occurs our bodies go into repair mode without any conscious effort on our part. The human body only has to go elsewhere in the form of something we think we “catch” because the resident bacteria etc. cannot fix the problem.

How Much Dirt Does Your Body Actually Need?

How Much Dirt Does Your Body Actually Need?

Deli Belly – Yikes!

We often refer to suffering from something akin to “Deli Belly” when we are on holidays and this is most often caused because we have become stressed prior to the holiday getting everything organised and once away we can relax, but our bodies have to catch up by treating that stress on its own, and often times this means being exposed to a different kind of bacteria, virus or fungi our bodies normally carries. We are usually unaware or just slightly off colour when our resident bacteria etc work their magic.

Constantly washing your hands?

Constantly washing our hands in antibacterial products does very little to stop the “germs”, hence the use in advertising of killing 99%.

Try washing your hands with one of these products, use a blue light to see the germs before and after, then wait a few minutes and the germs will have increased. There is no barrier between the wrist and the hand, and our whole bodies need these creatures to keep us healthy. We cannot see them without a microscope but they are there, and they are the good guys. Killing them results in killing our own immunity system, albeit slowly, because our immunity system is not only our internal systems at work but also these good guys beavering away on our behalf.

Being exposed to nature is a good thing, especially for the young ones so that they may build up a strong immunity system, all that is required is common sense to prevail!


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