Is Your Reflux Killing You?

The following blogs are not intended to “bad mouth” any product but to hopefully make people think twice before self medicating. What all diseases and ill-health have in common is STRESS.


Is Your Reflux Killing You?

Although lumped in with the above, this can be deadly if not eliminated properly. The trouble with the traditional treatments for this problem when addressed by a doctor even can, in time, cause the very problem they were designed to treat.

You can now buy mild doses of these products without prescription, but if used long term the same thing will apply, the body gets used to it, doesn’t rectify the problem and eventually will cause reflux itself.

Why this can be so dangerous a problem is that when not cleared properly, some of the cells of the oesophagus take on the characteristics of the intestines and this occurrence is known as Barrett’s Syndrome.

Is Your Reflux Killing You?

Is Your Reflux Killing You?

The cells may well become cancerous, and this cancer seems to be on the rise. Unfortunately a lot of people I know who have had traditional treatment for this disease now have severe problems.

What I would say to anyone taking medication of any kind long term is find out what long term effects are possible.

However, I would not suggest that anyone with this problem try to work solely by themselves because it is a deep seated issue and help to identify the cause is required, but it is very possible to completely eliminate reflux.

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